Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The quality of a day

Everyone gets the blues; some more than others. I number among the latter. In some cases, it's just a malaise that settles in which can't be attributed to anything in particular--maybe a chemical imbalance (although I'm not convinced that this is always diagnosable as an "illness"). In other cases, it's caused by unfortunate events beyond our control.

This might sound corny, but it deserves mention anyway. In order to get by, we have to find the things in our daily lives that bring us joy: the colors of a sunrise or sunset, the nighttime sky filled with stars, a garden patch, a walk in the park, the journey home from work, putting on some music at the end of the day.

For particularly tough cases of the blues, it may be that we can't find anything in a day that brings us joy, but instead have to look at the single occasion in a week to look forward to. Never, never despair. There's always something truly amazing right around the corner, or right under your nose.

I am confident that, for those who take a moment to look around them, truly special moments will appear in the natural rhythm of the day--things that have always been there, or magical events that occur without expecting them. For the person who develops a heightened sensitivity to the simple pleasures of the world, the richness of life is amplified beyond anything a person with normal perception could experience.

Life is an incredibly precious gift. That's easy to take for granted when trouble comes bearing down on us. Take heart, and be patient in discovering those special moments.

The essence of life is a creative force, but every living thing has a burden to carry. Don't allow the burdens you have to carry to destroy that creative force.

Remember that there is a quality to every day that can improve the joy of living.


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