Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Karmic charm

This newsletter and the work I do as a life coach, is all about helping you become consciously aware of your thoughts and actions and to translate that awareness into creating the life you want. I believe that the good you put out to the world will come back to you. All it takes is a little faith, patience, and diligence.

Let's take a closer look at karma again. The fourth law of karma is like the inverse of the third law of karma. If the third law states that no experience can be had unless a previous imprint for that experience was planted, the fourth law states that every imprint planted must produce a corresponding experience. As stated by Geshe Michael Roach in "The Diamond Cutter':

Once an imprint is planted in the mind, it must lead to an experience: no imprint is ever wasted.

This reminds me of high school physics. I recall my teacher telling us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. With karma, it's not exactly the same but the key, with respect to the fourth law, is that every time you produce a thought or action (good or bad), the experience will come back to you. It must.

Consider that the jerks in your life are producing bad karma by being jerks. Therefore, the karma will come back to them and they will suffer, whether or not you react. It's like there are "Karma Police" (a song title by the band Radiohead) who are out there catching the perpetrators and making them pay for their harmful acts.

This month I encountered an aggressive pedestrian while bicycling on the bridge. The man purposely stepped into my path nearly causing me (and other cyclists) to fall into the automobile traffic. When I explained that what he was doing was dangerous, he told me to move along before he pushed me into the traffic.

Shortly after the incident, I noticed a couple things. First, I realized that I had caused anger and frustration to others to be experiencing it in this moment. It had nothing to do with the way I was riding my bike. Second, I noticed that this man had experienced a lot of bad karma to be creating even more bad karma and threatening my life. Imagine what it takes to threaten another's life! I truly feel for this man.

The next time you experience a jerk in your life, try not to react. Take a deep breath and let the anger and frustration pass. It always does. Then remind yourself that the jerk will suffer for his/her wrong-doings. You may even feel contented or somewhat righteous by this. But to really make a difference, feel for the other person. Know that he will suffer. Know that he is creating bad karma that will come back to him. Know that he is simply reacting to his circumstances, which is the opposite of what I am urging you to do.

Do this once every day. Feel for the jerk. And if you get caught up in the moment and react, forgive yourself and feel for the other person afterwards. The more you do this, the less you will experience jerks. Your compassion will help others so they don't need to get upset and take it out on you. It's preventative.

Remind yourself by writing it down or giving away a dollar every time you feel for someone who has created bad karma in your life. Or, transfer a stone from one pocket to the other as a reward. Do whatever works for you. And keep passing along the good karma.

Karma is like the salt and pepper shakers at a huge dinner table. Pass it along!

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I can't agree more. This karma stuff really seems to make sense.

It's like the salt and pepper shaker...pass it along!

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the external link doesn't work right. I think you're missing a "l" at the end of the file name.

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