Friday, January 06, 2006

Don't take for granted the time you share with others

The Rational Creature:
An acquaintance of mine recently died. I can't say "friend", because we really weren't that close, and it didn't strike me until his passing that I would actually miss him. We both worked towards a common cause, and that was really our only link. But here I sit, thinking about the last time I saw him, and what I now know was the finality of that moment, and I feel bad for not being more congenial to the guy, for not being kinder. I didn't treat him with contempt or anything of the sort; but I wasn't as nice as I could have been. He was a good guy with a good heart and he loved his church and family, and I have found that his absence has affected me, and that I'm genuinely sad to see he is no longer with us.

"Let us thank God ahead of time for whatever He forsees is pleasing to Him, leaving everything at his divine disposal, including, with all its circumstances, when, where, and how He may be pleased to dispose the events of our death."
~Blessed Solanus Casey~


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